River Horse dinner at George Street Ale House menu is available, seats still available for TONIGHT

George Street Ale House

April 6 at 6PM, Barry from River Horse will be here to go through the beer as well as Chef Andrew.  Reservations will be limited to 40 and seats it costs $45 per person.  It is a four course meal.  People can call the restaurant to make reservations.  This is all I know for now.  If I find more info, I’ll post it.
The restaurant is located at 378 George Street in New Brunswick.  Call 732.543.240 for info or visit the site, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the menu and pairings.  Short ribs with River Horse Special Ale, Beet salad with River Horse Double Wit, Mussels with River Horse TripelHorse, and Cajun Petit Sirloin with River Horse Hop-a-lot-amus! Call for your reservations today! I’ll be here all day

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