Ruby Tuesday and their craft beer

So my in-laws wanted to go to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner the other night.  For a chain restaurant, they have a pretty good salad bar and I snapped a picture of the beer menu for the specific NJ location I visited and below that is a screenshot from their site and direct link.  It’s funny how many places are jumping on the craft bandwagon.  I try to post information, so I’ll let you guys make your on decisions on the semi-blurry picture seen below but I have to tell you there are some serious flaws.  I will be writing a letter to the mega-chain-corporation to explain my issues with their menu and wording.

ruby tuesdays beer menu


Here’s the official site’s menu and direct link.craft beer at ruby tuesdays

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7 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday and their craft beer”

  1. Jeff, Both Sam Adams and Yuengling are from independently owned breweries so they fit into handcrafted. It does not matter that they are more successful than most others.

  2. The pick one craft beer and run a special pricing on it daily. Whenever I go, whatever I order, that’s the special. Not a bad deal; and I have often found corporate owned = clean tap lines.

  3. Tim Hitchings

    Big Adventurous Beers because it comes in a big container is lame. And where are the local NJ draft crafts? Vist uno’s if they want to learn how to carry craft

  4. Better than most places out there. Seems like a very silly complaint. Sometimes I feel that the craft beer love slips into being a bit of a beer snob. Just my opinion.

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