S-3915 Home Delivery Bill Vote

Do you like home deliveries of beer? Write to your law makers and tell them to VOTE YES.

S-3915 makes permanent temporary enactment allowing certain alcoholic beverage retailers to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks; establishes certain sale and delivery privileges for alcoholic beverage manufacturers.

Here’s what YOU can do to help!

From the Brewers Guild of NJ

This Thursday, December 2nd, the New Jersey Senate will be voting on an important bill that will allow NJ craft beer fans to continue to buy the state’s best beers directly from your local brewery and have them delivered straight to your home. The New Jersey Senate will be voting on Senate Bill 3915 (S-3915) which makes the purchase and home delivery of New Jersey made beer, wine, spirits, mead and cider a permanent buying option for you going forward. Right now, consumers only temporarily have this right which can end very soon if the Legislature doesn’t act quickly. While you have enjoyed home delivery since the start of Covid-19 pandemic, it could go away in 2022 if this legislation is not passed ASAP! Please protect your rights as a consumer and let your local State Senator know you support S-3915 and ask them to “VOTE YES on S-3915” during the Senate Voting Session Thursday, December 2nd. Here’s how:
• To find your local State Senator, please go to this website (https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/SelectMun.asp) and select the town where you live;
• Once you select a town, it will show you your local state legislators. Please choose your State Senator ONLY and hit the “Select Your Representatives” Button;
• Fill in your personal information and enter that the E-mail Subject is: ““VOTE YES on Senate Bill 3915”;
• The message portion of the form should contain the following:
“As your constituent and a fan of New Jersey craft beer, I am asking you to VOTE YES on S-3915 which is scheduled for a vote during the Senate Voting Session Thursday, December 2nd. This bill protects my rights as a consumer to purchase beer directly from my local brewery and have it delivered to my home. I am afraid that if this legislation is not passed ASAP, I will lose this right, which will hurt me as a consumer and harm our state’s craft beer industry. Thank you for your support of my rights as a consumer to continue to have local beer I purchase delivered to my home and I again ask that you “VOTE YES on S-3915” this Thursday, December 2nd.”
• Lastly, hit the “Submit Email” button so your message is sent.
Please contact your local State Senator by 5pm Wednesday, 12/1 at the latest so your support is registered in time for Thursday’s important Senate vote.

and from the NJBA

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