Sam Adams tasting at Canals of Berlin (now with discounts on mix-a-six)

Canals of Berlin

Sam Adams tasting this Friday, tomorrow, December 16 from 5-7pm on the winter variety pack. You know Gabe, the beer guy behind Canals of Berlin, located at 8 South Route 73, Berlin, right? Well, check this out, Canals is offering NJCB Members a great discount. 10% off mix-a-six pack all the time! Stop in and stock up.


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    That's a good tasting since most places won't let you break 12's open. Excellent idea. Fezziwig? Holiday Porter? Black & Brew? If I weren't sure, I wouldn't buy that without a hint of whether I'd like them. Nice plan.

    Also, if you find you like most of them, buy a 12 pack anyway and take the ones you don't like to any party. It works out well.

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