Save NJ Beer

A ruling came down this week to change how breweries can operate here in NJ. Without boring you too much with this 15+ page document, here are the main bullets.

  • limited activities / events inside brewery tasting rooms
  • more paperwork
  • easier tours
  • snacks able to be sold

There’s a petition going around to allow for parity with other states and alcohol manufacturers. Sign it and let’s support local business! 


save nj beer

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3 thoughts on “Save NJ Beer”

    1. It’s important to understand that this is not a bill. It is a special ruling. So this did not go through any legislators at all, or any NJ officers that were voted in for that matter. This was a document created solely by the NJ ABC Commissioner, who was appointed by the previous governor of NJ.

  1. Run-on sentence warning…

    I personally think it is really going to hurt local restaurants since they won’t be able to put their menus in the breweries, especially in dry towns like collingswood and haddonfield, whose restaurants have probably gotten new takeout business in light of the breweries being there, drawing in people who may not otherwise be coming to the town! I know I have patronized several, where I would not have otherwise gone for a sit down meal or takeout!

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