Shannon Rose Craft Beer Night, this Monday, July 25 with NJCB is TONIGHT!

shannon rose craft beer clifton and woodbridge

Weyerbacher is going to be at the Clifton location and Yards will be at the Woodbridge location.  The exact tap list is being developed, but I can tell you if you stop by Woodbridge, you can chat with me and possibly a few other NJCB Reporters starting at 6PM!  We’ll be chatting beer, selling membership cards, engaging customers and getting a feeling for what you guys are interested in, what beers you like and all that good stuff!

Come say hello and enjoy!  The Shannon Rose can be found online, Twitter, Facebook and in person at St. Georges Crossing – (Rt.35) & US 1/9, Woodbridge or in Clifton at 98 Kingsland Road.

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