Silverton Buy Rite beer update

silverton buyrite toms river

Buy Rite’s got the following in stock as of yesterday.  See what Pat had to say.

here’s a list of some new stuff i’ve brought in along with some other good beers i’ve rotated back into inventory.


Dogfish Head 120min IPA, Limit one bottle per customer

Firestone Sucaba

Cisco, Whales tail pale ale

Dogfish Head Pearl Jam

Troegs, Nugget Nectar

Ithaca Flower Power

Lagunitas, Hop Stoopid

Flying Fish, Exit 8

Dogfish Head, Chateau Jiahu

Magis Hat, Elder Betty seasonal


This Saturday from 4-6pm we will be hosting an instore sampling of Shipyards Applehead.

Buy Rite of Silverton is located at 1789 Hooper Avenue in Toms River. NJCB Members save!  $1 off 6 packs, $2 off 12 packs of craft beer. (excludes specialty and sale items)

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