Silverton Buy Rite bottle update

silverton buyrite toms river

Pat from the Silverton Buy Rite emailed that the following beers are in stock and more.

Beers that are Limited Releases/Seasonals:

21st Amendment: Bitter American 6packs

Lagunitas, Cappucino Stout: 22oz bottles


Beers making their comeback:

Lagunitas, IPA: 6pks

Lagunitas, Hop Stoopid: 22oz bottles

Troegs, Hop Back: 6pks

Troegs, Pale Ale: 6pks


I would also like to note, that if anyone is looking for a particular beer, that they’re having trouble finding. I’d be more then happy to try to track it down and order it for them.


Buy Rite of Silverton is located at 1789 Hooper Avenue in Toms River. NJCB Members save!  $1 off 6 packs, $2 off 12 packs of craft beer. (excludes specialty and sale items)

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