Smuttynose Vintage (Philly Beer Week) at UNO Hamilton

Hamilton: Smuttynose Vintage (Philly Beer Week) is happening at Pizzeria UNO Hamilton

Sean from Pizzeria UNO Hamilton said on Monday, June 5 from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Vintage – Now & Then
Lots of stuff from the beer cellar

Gravitation 2011
Gravitation 2016
Imperial Stout 2011
Imperial Stout 2015
S’muttonator 2010
S’muttonator 2014
Barleywine 2011
Zinneke 2014
The Stallion 2017
Satchmo 2017
Weizenbock 2017
Really Old Brown Dog 2016
Finest Kind 2017
and no more…

More information can be found at Uno is located at 225 Sloan Ave in Hamilton.  Here’s a link to their site. NJCB Members get their Happy Hour specials ALL DAY LONG in the bar area! Enjoy that, you know you will!

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