Sour Beer Day at Cape May Brewing

Cape May: Sour Beer Day is happening at Cape May Brewing Co.

Randi from Cape May Brewing Co. said on Saturday, September 8 from 11:00 am to 09:00 pm

Sour beer is one of the fastest-growing segments of craft beer, and that deserves a day for celebration. They run the gamut of flavor profiles — from biting and caustic to smooth and silky — and, for all of their history and pedigree, are becoming wildly popular for craft beer drinkers.

So bring on Sour Beer Day! We’ve recently had three beers on Beer Connoisseur’s list of their top-rated sours — The Keel, The Scupper, and The Topsail — and we’ll have some of our squirreled-away cases of The Scupper available for purchase. (Sorry, but The Keel and The Topsail are long gone!) In addition, we’ll have three more barrel-aged sours available to buy: Higbee, Phantom Crew, and The Skeg, and we’ll have Lady in Room #10 available for tastings.

This is a day for sour beer lovers and for those who have been a little hesitant to give them a whirl. Everyone can get their fill!

See you then!


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