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spiked cakes new jersey beer balls

Picture a delicious chocolate truffley creamy treat filled with booze and then picture a nice beer to pair up with it.  That’s exactly what I was lucky enough to experience this past week.  Spiked Cakes, based out of South Jersey, is a local bakery where you can find wine and beer filled sweet treats.  Tanya graciouslly sent me over a few Magic Hat Winter Seasonal filled beer balls.  The frigid cold tempertures kept them cool enough outdoors until I was able to bring them into my fridge.

Upon first bite, I was hooked.  The smoothness of the chocolate melted away and left me craving another.  Good thing I had a two pack!

Spiked Cakes have a variety of products like Cocktail Cupcakes, Beer Balls, Wine Balls,Kookie Kookies, and Jello-Shots.  Spiked Cakes would love to help your charity or organization. Please contact them for fundraiser ideas.   They love parties and will cater dessert for any event.  Remember, All Treats Contain Alcohol!

For more information check out their Facebook page, visit on Twitter or read this site or the old fashion way, 609 385 7570.  You can email too, spikedcakes@gmail.com.  Spiked Cakes are available at Gleeson’s Liquor in Oceanview as well.  They’re on the web for real now too.  Clickie!

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