Support Bills Scheduled for Vote Monday

TAKE ACTION! We need to rally and write our locals because our alchohol manufacturing industry needs our help!

SUPPORT bills A-1293 and A-1610

It’s time to take action and support your favorite local brewery! Assembly Bills A-1293 and A-1610 are scheduled for a vote in the Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee on Monday, March 8. 

A-1293 would help lend needed state financial support to local breweries by creating the “New Jersey Brewery, Cidery, Meadery, and Distillery Industry Advisory Council and Account”. A-1610 would allow brewery customers to buy beer to drink at a brewery without having to take a tour. Our brewery supports these bills and you should too!

Here’s how to contact the members of the NJ General Assembly who will be voting on these bills on Monday, March 8:

Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee

Assemblyman Joseph Danielsen (D-Middlesex)

Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling (D-Monmouth)

Assemblyman Ronald Dancer (R-Monmouth)

Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez (D-Middlesex)

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Burlington)

Assemblyman Brian Rumpf (R-Ocean)

Please take a few minutes this weekend to send these legislators an email asking them to “VOTE YES” on A-1293 and A-1610. Your support of us and the state’s craft breweries is greatly appreciated!

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