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Write your legislators!

The Senate Law and Public Safety Committee voted to advance a bill that would extend the current season retail consumption licenses due to expire in November until January but they did not vote on some of the bills below. NJCB Member and Executive Director of the NJBA said…

“We stand in the midst of a crisis, when doing the most we can for our small businesses could be difference between their ability to weather the storm or having to close permanently”

Please support A4319 (Burzichelli/Chiaravalloti)/S2681 (Gopal/Oroho) Establishes certain temporary and permanent privileges for certain alcoholic beverage licensees; authorizes certain activities, events, and festivals in which certain alcoholic beverage licensees may participate;

A4525 (Frieman/Verrelli/Houghtaling) Removes time restrictions for certain temporary structures to remain on commercial farms during coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emergency;

A4589 (Lopez/Danielsen)/ S2597 (Gopal/Vitale) Extends time period during which seasonal retail consumption license holders may sell alcoholic beverages following COVID-19 pandemic.

These bills help ensure the sustainability of our state’s craft beverage producers, as well as our farmers, bars, and restaurants. They support small businesses, encourage innovation, and cut unnecessary red tape that does nothing but hamper day-to-day operations. These bills are common sense, and will in the long run help New Jersey remain competitive with surrounding states’ craft beverage production and liquor retail industries. 

WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS & encourage them to support these bills! New Jersey’s breweries, brewpubs and other small businesses need your help!

PS – EVERYONE WINS if these bills are made into law!

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