Support New Jersey’s economy by supporting A4319

New Jersey’s liquor license holders including breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, liquor stores and more need your help! Write your local Senators and Assemblypeople.

We have this form letter to send out to your local Senators and Assemblypeople. Copy, paste, modify to include your information and send using the contacts below the letter.

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Dear Senator ______ and Assemblyman/men/woman/women ______ and ______,

I am a dedicated craft beer consumer, member of the New Jersey Craft Beer club, and voter residing in (town name), New Jersey. I am asking for your support of A4319 which codifies certain privileges for all alcoholic beverage licensees, including permission to participate in activities, events, and festivals attended by ticketholders and members of the public. These privileges not only help me access craft beer more responsibly and with more variety, but help me to support all of the various types of licensed small, local businesses who depend on my patronage to survive and to thrive.

This bill comes during an unprecedented and critical time in New Jersey’s history when small businesses need various tools to remain afloat. It provides clarity to businesses and parity with all license holders and manufacturers, all while encouraging safe and responsible patronage by NJ residents and tourists who are looking to enjoy all that our state has to offer.

A4319 fosters the craft beverage production and consumption culture that has developed naturally over the last decade not only in New Jersey but in the neighboring states and national level. The bill brings equal footing to NJ businesses by lifting artificial restrictions which Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware-based craft beer manufacturers do not have.

This not only allows New Jersey residents and beer consumers to take greater advantage of the high quality products made in our own backyards, but also gives NJ craft beverage producers, restaurants and retailers greater ability to attract out of state tourists to look at New Jersey as a craft beverage and tourism destination. As brewery taprooms, restaurants and other various licensees begin to open and outdoor festivals resume with appropriate precautions in place, this bill will be a key component to our long-term recovery.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Here are the contacts broken out by your district.

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