Swedesboro Brewing Company Announces Acquisition and Takeover of Devil’s Creek Brewing

Collingswood: Swedesboro Brewing Company is acquiring and taking over of Devil’s Creek.

Swedesboro Brewing Company is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition and takeover of Devil’s Creek, a craft brewery located in Collingswood, New Jersey. They will be launching an entirely new brand under the Swedesboro Brewing name at this location called “The Raccoon Taproom.” This exciting development marks a significant expansion for Swedesboro Brewing, which gained nationwide recognition for its exceptional craft beers in just its first year of operation.

Founded in 2020, Swedesboro Brewing Company quickly garnered attention and acclaim in the craft brewing industry. Within its inaugural year, the brewery was nominated as one of the best new breweries in the United States by USA Today’s Top 10, ultimately securing the prestigious second-place position, just behind Funguys Brewing from Raleigh, North Carolina. This recognition solidified Swedesboro Brewing’s position as a rising star in the craft beer world.

With a diverse portfolio of over 40 unique beer offerings, Swedesboro Brewing is poised to bring its enthusiasm and creativity to the Collingswood community. The takeover of Devil’s Creek represents an exciting opportunity to create something uniquely special for the Collingswood community.

“Our goal has always been to share our passion for exceptional craft beer with as many people as possible,” said Marvin Bowe, Founder and Owner of Swedesboro Brewing. “By taking over Devil’s Creek’s location, we’re excited to bring our wonderful reputation to Collingswood and provide residents and visitors alike with an opportunity to experience the unique flavors that have made Swedesboro Brewing so successful.”

As part of this expansion, Swedesboro Brewing plans to brew six of their flagship beers at The Raccoon Taproom while also crafting six new and exclusive beer brands that cater to the local palate. This commitment to both tradition and innovation reflects Swedesboro Brewing’s dedication to delivering an unforgettable craft beer experience to the Collingswood community.

The transformation is already underway, and Swedesboro Brewing looks forward to becoming an integral part of the Collingswood craft beer scene. The brewery will be closed for approximately two months for renovations and brewing expansions. For more information about Swedesboro Brewing, please visit www.swedesborobrewing.com

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