Captain Lawrence all over Jersey

Captain Lawrence is scheduled to be available all over Jersey and not just in the north part of the state in March through Shore Point, Kramer and still with Peerless.  

Clown Shoes in Jersey!


It’s official as of January 1, Clown Shoes is coming to NJ in a much large distribution. They will no longer be only available at Total Wine. You can find Clown Shoes in bottles and draft in North Jersey through Peerless, Central Jersey through Shore Point and South Jersey through Kramer Beverage.

The Brewer’s Art in South Jersey

Jim from Kramer Beverage (South Jersey) emailed over that We will be launching quite a few brands in Q1 2014. The first one with a dead set launch timeframe is The Brewer’s Art out of downtown Baltimore.  We should see their Resurrection, Ozzy and a number of speciality styles in stores by Feb 1.

Hammonton Fall Beer Festival

hammonton beer festival

Our friends from Kramer are hosting an event this Sunday October 6 from 12-6pm. They will have 7 tents set up with different products served under each. More details in the art below.