Tapping of BCBS at Woody’s

Farmingdale: Tapping of the rare Goose Island Bourbon County! is happening at Woody’s Roadside Tavern

Melanie from Woody’s Roadside Tavern said on Friday, January 27 from 05:00 pm to

We are tapping the rare Goose Island Bourbon County Friday at 5pm! Come and try it before it is all gone!

Back in 1979 the folks at Heaven Hill Distilleries filled a handful of new freshly charred American white oak barrels with some of their finest whiskey. It is rare for Bourbon to age in barrels for more than twenty-three years. But these barrels patiently sat for over thirty years. The extra years developed a distinct and complex character that makes them truly one-of-a kind. We filled those barrels with Bourbon County Brand Stout, and then stored them away in our Chicago Barrel House to age for two more years. With these rare barrels from our friends at Heaven Hill we believe this is one of the finest beers we have ever produced. This is Goose Island Rare Bourbon County Brand Stout for 2015.

Style: Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels
ABV: 14.5%
IBU: 60
Color: Midnight
Hops: Willamette
Malts: 2-Row, Caramel, Chocolate, Debittered Black, Munich, Roast Barley

Limited Release

Woody’s offers 10% off your bill for NJCB Members. Stop in at 105 Academy St., Farmingdale and enjoy!


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