Beach Haus taproom release of Test Dept.™ Milk and Cereal Series

Belmar: Taproom release of Test Dept.™ Milk & Cereal Series (3 variants) is happening at Beach Haus Brewery

John from Beach Haus Brewery said on Friday, October 5 from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Grab your clip boards, put on your lab coats and….grab your cereal bowls?????

Test Dept. Brewer Matt was inspired by the last few sips of milk from a bowl of cereal he had a few weeks back. The result, 3 variants of Milk & Cereal themed facto cream ales with vanilla.
Each are made in a very similar way but features a different strain of years.

Test Dept.™ Milk & Cereal S04
ABV: 5.7% – IBU: 20
Light, clear and cream in texture with a hint of vanilla. Definitely bottom of the cereal bowl taste and feel.

Test Dept.™ Milk & Cereal US05
ABV: 6.3% – IBU: 20
This variant features the same light, clear and cream texture of the S04 but is for the person whose morning bowl of cereal is less about the frosted and more about the flakes.

Test Dept.™ Milk & Cereal S33
ABV: 6.3% – IBU: 20
The most ‘different’ of the three. S33 is a bit hazy, and features the candi sweetness and spiciness of a Belgian. Light in body, the spicy/sweet of the Belgian yeast play very well together.

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