Texas Arizona in Hoboken is going craft

Texas Arizona Hoboken

I was sent info from the management of Texas Arizona that they’re going to start getting into craft beer.  Here’s what they said

We are building a second bar inside the restaurant specifically for craft beer.  We will have around 250 bottles and 10-12 draft lines ALL for craft beer.  I am a huge fan of craft beers and we want to change the style of our menu and beer list.  We will be hosting tastings every month or two.  We will also be offering a “beer of the month” on a rotating draft line that we will use when new brews come out.  I am very excited about all of this and hope it will all be done by the second week in April.

Here’s an update.  The bar is going to be under construction starting this week, April 25.  I guess they’re a bit behind schedule, but that’s OK.  It means more craft beer in Hoboken sooner than later!

Texas Arizona’s website doesn’t list anything special for the moment but they may have more info on their Facebook and Twitter stream.  Find it all linked on their site.  The bar is located at 76 River Road in Hoboken just seconds from the PATH.

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5 thoughts on “Texas Arizona in Hoboken is going craft”

  1. I'm all for craft beer expansion, but this just sounds like a cash in on a new fad. A beer of the month on one rotating draft line? Doesn't sound very promising. Hope I'm wrong though.

  2. I guess I'm more worried that this isn't going to be a place that regularly rotates kegs or cleans their tap lines. I can see this being the type of place that'll have 10 taps, but it's going to be Sam and Sam Seasonal and Brooklyn and just "stock" craft beers.

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