THANK YOU & The Launch Party Giveaway/Raffle Winners and amount raised!

I just wanted to say thanks for coming to the launch party last week at The Copper Mine Pub.  Official thank you to all parties involved as I said over at the bar.  HUGE THANKS to Vito for allowing the party to take place and helping to organize the event for the last two months and Matt for bartending as well.  Another huge thanks to Sixpoint and of course, NJ Beer Co for the gracious donations.  How about Flying Fish for releasing the Exit 9 on a Saturday and the jackets!  Victory and BOAKS for the awesome giveaways as well and Hunterdon for all the giveaway glassware.  Big thanks to Robyn, who catered the event and Tanya from Spiked Cakes who made the chocolate beer balls made with Bolero Snort’s Manolette’s Black Magic!!! Big thanks to Bob aka Bolero Snort.  How about all my #BrewYork friends like Tapped Craft Beer Events, Beer Nation, Simply Beer, The BrewThusiast and anyone else I missed.  All my close friends who came in and helped spread the word and most importantly, thank you guys!!!!  Without you reading the interacting with the site and each other, it wouldn’t have been as such as a success as it was.  We raised a good amount of money just over $1010 for the Community FoodBank of NJ and collected over 350 pounds of food as well.  Again, all you guys, so thanks for giving back.  Those less fortunate than us need you and you shined through.

I’ve posted over 50 pictures from the event at the bottom of the post but first, the winners.

Below are the ticket numbers associated with the winners.  You need to prove you are a winner within 5 days by emailing a picture or scan of your ticket number to me or stopping into Copper Mine Pub and show Vito the stub.  I need to see the email or visual proof in order for you to win.  I will reply to all emails and will arrange either pickup at Copper Mine or delivery (I’ll ship it to you) of the winning products.  Some of the below numbers haven’t been claimed yet.  You have until Saturday, April 2 and then new numbers will be drawn.  Italicized numbers have been claimed and the numbers with * next to them are new numbers.

Flying Fish embroidered jacket winner #1 is 500116 & winner #2 is 500182.

Victory Black Resist Prohibition shirt winner #1 is 500184*, #2 is 500113, #3 is 500194* & #4 is 500144.

Victory Grey logo shirt winner #1 is 500228*, #2 is 500188, #3 is 500232 & #4 is 500214*.

BOAKS Beer shirt winner #1 is 500191, #2 is 500129* & #3 is 500136.

A signed copy of Indiana Breweries by John Holl is 500127*.

Spiked Cakes shirt winner is 500161*.

Thomas Hooker beer tacker is 500118.

The New Jersey Craft Beer shirt winner is 500146*.

If you want to see the tickets, the numbers are hard to read, but I promise, ask my wife, I randomly sat here and picked each one out.  OK, here’s a picture.  I’m jealous of the jacket winners, that’s for sure!

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