The Ale House Tavern & Tap in Sayerville

sayerville ale house

Just a quick writeup to let you all know about new craft beer-focused bar.  Sayerville is not known for craft beer, but The Ale House has a few choices to pick from. Very gateway/entry level crafts such as Victory Hop Devil and seasonal Long Trails as well as the macros in their 24 taps.  It’s a cool spot with a young crowd looking for a good time at a cool atmosphere.  Lots of music things going on too.  They’ve got karaoke and a DJ spinning hardcore and punkrock on Tuesdays.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and online or visit in person at 1899 Route 35 South in Sayerville.

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1 thought on “The Ale House Tavern & Tap in Sayerville”

  1. Michele Winant

    Like the place. Went a couple of times. and the couple of ppl. i dealt with were very nice. But, they aren't very interactive when it comes to there craft beer. I posted on there wall a couple of weeks ago asking if they had anything new on tap. no reply. but they get into the karaoke/party stuff more it seems. So, think i will stick by Maloney's. Alot more choices and very interactive.

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