The Copper Mine Pub

The Copper Mine Pub Beer Bar New Jersey Bergen CountyLocated @ 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington in Bergen County, The Copper Mine Pub is bound to please the beer lover.   For two+ years the owner, Vito Forte, has transformed his bar into the quintessential beer bar in North Jersey.  Vito put tons of hours of labor into the decor of the bar, from the tin ceiling to the handmade bar.  A lover of beer himself, Vito’s choices of inventory is bound to wet your palette.

With 20 taps and a hand pump (woohoo – cask conditioned beer) and a selection of 60 bottled/canned beers, the selection is on par with our favorite beer (liquor) store.  The Copper Mine Pub is constantly changing their taps not only seasonally and when a keg kicks, it’s replaced with a different draft.  The Copper Mine Pub strives to welcome everyone.  Bring your own food, hell, even use their in house menus or order online using the free Wifi.

Copper Mine has a few specials you should know about.  There’s a beer club called the 12×12.  Drink 12 beers a month and get prizes.  It’s simple and easy.  I’ve picked up my pint glass already.  There’s also a monthly meeting for homebrewers and enthusiasts.  Contact the bar for details.  Copper Mine has been known to launch local breweries such as New Jersey Beer Company (North Bergen/Hudson County) and tap kegs before others like Flying Fish‘s (Cherry Hill/Camden County) Exit 16.

I’m going to do my best to update the website to any changes to their tap selections, however, you can keep up to date by following on Twitter and Facebook.

Now click down to read more and check out the old commericial from 2 years ago to get a glimpse inside.

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