The Court Jester, a quick overview

court jester freehold beer

The Court Jester has two locations, Downtown Freehold Boro and Aberdeen.  The food is your typical pub faire.  Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing too crazy or unique.  The Freehold location is deep but not too wide with a decent amount of seats for dinner.  From the Spring until the Fall, you can sit outside and enjoy the people walking by while sipping from craft beers.  The beer list is very macro with a few rotating craft gems but mostly the standard entry level craft beers, but they change their seasonals out so keep on checking in.

The Court Jester is located at 16 East Main Street in Downtown Freehold, The Court Jester in Aberdeen is 1350 State Route 34 in Aberdeen and both are on the web over here. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

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