The Draft House in Long Branch

the draft house

I was thinking this newly opened restaurant was going to be full of tons of beers on tap but it’s not.  There about 20 taps across two bars mostly of macro beers however after reading over the menu twice, I selected a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  The lines were very clean and they poured the pint nicely.  Their table beer menu was not as up to date as the tap handles, so make sure you ask or check out the tap handles in case you spot something not listed.

The Draft House is a place for local Monmouth University students to get hammered at with a typical food menu, but the food’s good.  Try the junk fries.  It’s basically chili cheese fries with bacon in the mix aka a heart attack in the oven.  The site is not online yet, but The Draft House’s Facebook page is happening.  Lots of eyecandy and party pictures.

I spoke to the owner about the beer and future plans for more craft beer and it’s on the horizon.  I hope so!

The Draft House is located at 100 Brighton Ave in Long Branch right near the Brighton Bar.

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2 thoughts on “The Draft House in Long Branch”

  1. F**k this place! It is a complete joke and should legally have to change there name for being so misleading. It's like sending a vegan to a butcher shop. They have nothing!!! I mean nothing!! unless your looking for a coked out brain dead MU party. I'm not trying to hate it's just as a craft/micro beer drinker I was excited for this to open. It was such a huge let down to see the pathetic selection of taps. So on that note go to NIP and Tuck !!! Even Jacks is holding it down better than this illusion of a beer bar.

  2. We have just come under new management and are always changing our beers now. the draft list is kept up to date and we will be bringing in new bottle beers in the near future. we also have a new food menu starting Friday February 15 and will be tapping a firkin of River Horse, Oatmeal Milk Stout.

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