The Epic History of Everyday Things with Gary Monterosso starts NOW!

I just heard about a private event for Gary Monterosso’s debut on The History Channel.  I can’t really tell you more about the event but it’s to support Gary’s debut.  He is appearing in The Epic History of Everyday Things that will be aired on November 29 on The History Channel!  He’ll be talking beer for sure!

If you don’t know Gary…. google him!  Gary’s new book comes out very soon too!  If you are interested in going to the event, please let me know through email and I’ll connect you with the proper people.

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3 thoughts on “The Epic History of Everyday Things with Gary Monterosso starts NOW!”

  1. I really like the idea of the show and it was reasonably well done. However, to claim that 5000 years ago, or around 3000 B.C., humans were cave dwelling and show a caveman shaving is a bit ridiculous. The history channel needs to pay more attention to the details of history. Modern anthropologists believe that cavemen likely didn't live in caves. Regardless of that, humans were building dwellings, had domesticated plants and animals, agriculture, pottery, and many other things not associated with what you want to allude to as a caveman by that period of time. The cave paintings that inspired the thought of cave dwelling humans were painted more than 10,000 years before your obsidian shaving tool.

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