The Goose is Loose at Northside Lounge

Northside Lounge Manville

Our friends at Northside Lounge sent us an update

On Tuesday January 8th at 3 pm the Goose is Loose. We figured that Canadian geese fly south for the winter and now we have resident geese on a year ’round basis we should tap some nice winter beers from Goose Island. On draft will be the following:

Bourbon County Stout

Night Stalker Imperial Stout

Naughty Goose

and thanks to global warming which is why we have the year ’rounders…

Mild Winter

As always we will be offering food pairings to complement the styles.

Northside Lounge is located at 100 Brooks Boulevard in Manville and online.  NJCB Members benefit from $1 off draft craft beer with food purchase & $2 off growler fills.

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