The NJCB Holiday Gift Guide

We support local small businesses. Here are 10+ things you can purchase to support NJ’s beer industry!

1: B E E R

2: Atlantic City Beer Fest discount and presale for Members Only!

Check your Members Only email and the Facebook group for the info when it’s released!!

3: Beer nerd merchandise.

Shirts from people like DecayNJ, Custom Kegerators, Hop Heart, SJ Beer Scene, merch and more have shirts! There are NJCB brand shirts and merch in stock too. The Hangover Pretzel Company has food for all of this beer! 

4: Home decor and fun stuff!

Craft CANdles Shop upcycles and is owned/created by an NJCB Member! Custom signs and decorations made by another NJCB Member. Another has a lamp and coaster shop. John Holl has books!

5: Anything BUT a homebrew kit!

Shop locally! Here’s a link to get your homebrew equipment and supplies from! We suggest going and talking to the owners and employees and learning something from them!

6: Tickets to CJBF, Big Brew, Battleship and other large beer festivals!

NJCB Members always get discounts to the best events around. ACBF, Central Jersey Beer Fest, Beer, BBQ and Bacon Festival and more!

7: Support the local podcasters and social media outlets

Grab a shirt from South Jersey Beer Scene, listen to Al Gattullo Craft Beer Cast, donate to Jersey Guys and a Girl Podcast, Two Brewthers, throw a listen to Steal This Beer, get trolled by the Haze Boiz.

8: Brewery swag!

With 120+ breweries & brewpubs, you’ll find all sorts of things like shirts, hats, dog collars, mugs, gift cards and more!

9: A gift card to a New Jersey owned liquor store!

Let your beer friends buy what they want!

10: a 2020 NJCB Membership!

They make great gifts! They’ll be available around November 20.

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