The Spot Point Pleasant Beach tap update 5/11

spot pizza grill

Terrapin Sunray Wheat Ale and Sam Adams Summer Ale both $5.25/pint and there’s a Last Call Special on Victory Prima Pils only $4.50/pint.

The Spot is located at 1506 Richmond Ave in Point Pleasant. Their Facebook page can be found here for more info.

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1 thought on “The Spot Point Pleasant Beach tap update 5/11”

  1. nocturnalmerkin

    Great place, mix of traditional deep fried pub fare and various bistro/ fusion type apps, didn't get a look at the pizza but the burger, eggplant app, deep fried sampler and shrimp with strawberry mango salsa were all excellent. Beer selection is second to none- other places might have more bottles and/or taps but this place has all the right beers- today there was Southern Tier 2X IPA, Dogfish 60 minute adn 2 or 3 other IPA's on tap…heck of an IPA draft selection considering there were only about 15 beers on tap.

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