Three Rarities from the Cellar at The Beer Spot

Fort Lee: Three Rarities from the Cellar is happening at The Beer Spot & Grill

Joe from The Beer Spot & Grill said on Friday, February 2 from 12:00 pm to 02:00 am

We will be tapping 3 rare beers on this day:

1) Harviestoun Quercus Ubhal

•Harviestoun’s Bitter & Twisted is a sharp, blond beer with a superb fresh hop profile. Hersbrucker, giving a hint of honey and the tang of grapefruit: Challenger, giving a spicy fruitiness like the “twist” of a lemon and finished with a pinch of Styrian. This beer is then fermented with “Thistle Cross” cider yeast and aged in Ola Dubh barrels. Incredibly unique product. Blurs the lines between beer and cider.

2) Apostelbrau Dinkelbock Special Edition aged

•Top Fermenting Bock beer, first fermentation in granite for four weeks, second fermentation and maturation in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels for four to six months

3) Loverbeer BeerBrugna

•This beer is inocculated by wild yeasts (Brettanomyces included) and lactic bacteria. Small, dark and very sweet Damaschine variety plums, also called Ramassin in Piemontese dialect, are added in steeping to restart a new fermentation to characterize the product

Stop in for a beer or 2.

More information can be found at at this link.

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