Tuckahoe Brewery at Deauville Inn, a recap

Tuckahoe Brewing Company

This past Friday night Tuckahoe Brewery had their coming out party at the Deauville Inn and what a party it was! The Deauville Inn was packed to capacity with people thirsty to taste the newest addition to South Jersey brewing, as was evidenced by the Steelmantown Porter selling out in the first hour. But the DC Pale Ale flowed all night and was met with an enthusiastic reception.  Tuckahoe Brewery describes their DC Pale Ale as a “traditional American Pale Ale that uses a balance of Centennial, Cascade, and Williamette hops.  The flower, citrus, and spice aromas compliment the al bitterness of this perfectly drinkable all-season ale.  From your backyard barbeques to midwinter feasts, DC Pale Ale will satisfy”  The DC Pale Ale was certainly drinkable on this January night.  The festive atmosphere was further enhanced by a band rocking the house, signaling the arrival of a major player on the Craft Beer scene. We look forward to Tuckahoe Brewery’s next event and plan to be first in line this time for the Steelmantown Porter!

More information can be found on their website.

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