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Tuckahoe Brewing Company

Just a quick list of Tuckahoe’s beer events and more information! NJCB Members are encouraged to visit the brewery and save!! 15% your entire purchase!

This Saturday, July 4th, we will be releasing the first beer in our Foster the Funk series.  This series will highlight the many different complex flavor profiles that can be created with wild/sour beer organisms and techniques.  Foster the Funk batch 001 is a beer called Marigolden.  With our impending expansion and move, Marigolden is an embodiment of the positive growth and development that can come from change and the passage of time.  Named after Marigold Road, the childhood home of our lead brewer Amanda, this golden sour ale has gone through many different evolutions.  This 100% Chardonnay barrel fermented golden ale was first fermented with a blend of some of our wild NJ Saccharomyces strains, cultured Lactobacillus, and wild souring bacteria.  After a one month primary fermentation, a mix of several different Brettanomyces strains were added.  Over the next 6-8 weeks, the wild yeast and Brett brought the beer down to a nice dryness.  After secondary fermentation was complete and stable, 40 lbs. of apricots per barrel were added, and the beer was allowed to re-ferment until the flavor, aroma, and sugar levels were stable yet again.  

As the first release in our Foster the Funk series, Marigolden will mark the beginning of an extensive sour/wild program that our new space will allow us to develop.  We will be experimenting with new techniques, new cultures, and new styles, as well as employing age old tried and true methods for creating, what we consider, some of the most complex and interesting beer styles in the world.  Throughout this process we will strive to grow and cultivate the sour/wild beer knowledge, palettes, and appreciation in an area where these styles are still anything but mainstream.  

For the release of Marigolden, we will also have three other sour/wild beers on tap.  

-Peaches: 3.3% Berliner Weiss style Sour Ale, oak barrel fermented, and conditioned on peaches

-Plum and Oak: 3.1% Petite Dark Sour ale, oak barrel fermented, and conditioned on Italian plums

and another small culture series release

-SCB017, dayDRIEming: 100% Brett drie fermented Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado IPA

Marigolden bottles are extremely limited (less than 200), so bottle sales will be limited to the brewery taproom only.  Bottles are 750mL champagne style, $16 each, and there is a 2 bottle per person limit (all TO GO only).  Hope to see you there! Cheers!

More information can be found on their website or Facebook.  Visit in person at 9 Stoney Court, Ocean View/Dennisville.

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