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twin light taphouse

I stopped in for a chat at the Twin Light Taphouse.  What a great location.  Nestled close to the beach in Highlands a few blocks off of Route 36, Twin Light Taphouse is a gastro-pub style restaurant with rotating local craft beers on tap, a growing bottled beer list, and a simple, but flavorful, menu. The seasonal menu is built around what is fresh with a daily specials menu every night. The beer list rotates and is available to view on the site as well as If you want an accurate list, call up, the friendly faces at TWT will definitely let you know if something has kicked or been tapped.

Twin Light has a beautiful fireplace upstairs with a TV for your entertainment needs and a lovely balcony/landing on the way up to the warm and toasty top floor where musicians often play. According to the Baron of Beer, Mark (the General Manager) Twin Light Taphouse’s previous tenant built the restaurant to be very acoustically sound. The DJs, bands and other musicians that play don’t need giant amps and speakers in order to give off a great sound. The entertainment schedule is available at their site.

The menu is very small, well crafted and is great! Soups, salads, sandwiches and of course seafood (it’s by the beach, ya know) and daily specials including fish tacos and white bean sausage soup.  I’ve had a burger, tuna sashimi, the grilled jalapeno poppers (AMAZING!) and more.  You won’t be disappointed!

Now onto the beer. Twin Light Taphouse is trying to keep as many Mid Atlantic beers on tap as they can get their hands on. Many of the beers are from New Jersey breweries also. Right now there are beers from Weyerbacher, Flying Fish and Dogfish Head as well as bottles and cans to boot. There are nightly beer specials as well.

Twin Light has had a few beer events featuring Blue Point, Ommegang, Erie and will continue to have those events in the future. Stop on in for a great time and food. You won’t regret it at all.  Check out the pictures I took below.

TWT is located at 128 Bay Avenue in Highlands a few blocks off of Route 36.

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