Uno beer events in Deptford

Unos Maple Shade

We have some updates for those who like beer in Deptford.

On October 25, Dogfish Head 120 tapping will take place on Friday.

Monday, October 28th they are throwing a fundraiser with all Colorado Beers on tap.  20% of all the proceeds will be going to the relief efforts. Attached is the voucher we are using for this event.

On November 22, Flying Dog will be at Uno Chicago Grill. The beers on tap that day will be, according to a recent email from Anthony.

a firkin raging bitch  8.3%, Pearl Neckalce 5.5%, Sanke dog 7.1%, Horn Dog 10%, Gonzo 9.2% The Fear 9%, Underdog 4.7%, K9 Winter Ale 7.4% Vineland Blonde 6.4 %.


Uno is located at 1162 Hurffville Road, Deptford  Here’s a link to their site. NJCB Members get their Happy Hour specials ALL DAY LONG in the bar area! Enjoy that, you know you will!

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