Uno Metuchen Spring Cask Fest! Cask list and contest winner announced too!

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It’s back! Uno’s cask fest is scheduled for Saturday, March 23. The usual group of breweries will be featured along with a really special guest cask. More details will be rolled out ASAP but in the meantime, vote for your favorite infusion! Here are some of the breweries that will be featured.

  • Uno’s and NJCB Milk Stout (With Kung Pao Peppers)
  • Uno’s Ike’s IPA (Dry-hopped with Sorachi and Simcoe)
  • Kane Port Omna Stout (Aged with Vanilla and Citrus Zest)
  • Kane Head High IPA (Dry-Hopped with Mosaic)
  • Climax Maibock Lager
  • Flying Fish Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA (Dry-Hopped with Citra)
  • Carton GORP (GoodOldRaisins&Peanuts) Ale
  • Carton Red Rye Returning (Dry-Hopped with Chinook)
  • Bolero Snort Ragin’ Bull Amber Lager (Aged on Vanilla Beans)

*Pay as you go, event ends when all casks have been emptied.*

Half Pints (8oz) – $2.50
Full Pints (16oz) – $4.50

HUH? What? We did this last cask fest and it’s back. Chris Percello, the mastermind behind the beers at Uno is brewing a milk stout and there will be 1 firkin infused with one of the following ingredients.  Leave your comment below and tell us why you’d like to try that beer. Perhaps the best answer will be invited to tap the firkin?

Remember, it’s a Milk Stout with… (pick one of the following candidates)

  1. Bourbon Soaked Cherrywood Chip
  2. Kung-poa Pepper
  3. Toasted Coconut
  4. Bourbon Soaked Cherrywood Chips & Fried Pork Roll Infusion

The cask fest is pay as you go the bar area is open as well as the main dining room starting at noon for the event. Many local breweries come hang out to talk about their cask during the event. It’s a great time!

OK, what is your pick. Comment below! The comments will be closed on February 22 and we’ll announce the winner the next day.

Uno’s is located at 61 US-1 South in Metuchen. It’s between the Woodbridge and the Menlo Park Mall.  Here’s the Official Facebook page.  NJCB Members get a fantastic deal,10% off the entire bill!

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10 thoughts on “Uno Metuchen Spring Cask Fest! Cask list and contest winner announced too!”

  1. I think its asking for some fennel seed or star anise. you could even just add real licorice root if the budget is big enough

    1. dan, i just madea black licorice milk stout(using star anise) will let you know how it turns out! bottling tomorrow.

  2. The cherry wood/pork roll infusion sounds interesting. The fattyness would play off the bitterness of the stout, but compliment the sweet milk sugars. I can’t wait!!

  3. Pumped for this as always. My vote is for Toasted Coconut because it sounds delicious, and it should compliment the awesome milk stout Chris is going to brew, and not overpower it.

  4. I like the licorice/anise suggestion for a Milk Stout.

    I used to make an awesome Vanilla Bean Imperial Stout (11 – 13%) that had a licoricy taste to it that everyone loved!

  5. Coconut. I’m thinking the milk stout + coconut combination will evoke a hint of those addicting “Irish Potato” candies that come out this time of year…

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