Upcoming events at The Shepherd & The Knucklehead

the shepherd and knucklehead bar

This in from The Shepherd and Knucklehead

Friday October 26th 7:00 PM Halloween Party

Will Pour: Cisco Pumple Drumkin, Uinta Oak Jacked Pumpkin, Carton Pumpkin Cream Ale, Defiant The Horseman’s Ale, Point Whole Hog Pumpkin, B. Nektar Zombie Killer, Ithaca Country Pumpkin, River Horse Hippolantern, Southern Tier Pumking and more

Wear costumes! Midnight we will announce the winners with the best costumes and will award prizes!!!

Check out the The Shepherd & Knucklehead online, on Twitter or their more active Facebook page.  The Shepherd & Knucklehead is located in Haledon at 529 Belmont Avenue. Fans get a deal if you are a NJCB Member. 10% off your bill!

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