Vault Brewing 1 year anniversary

James from Vault Brewing sent us over the following. NJCB Members, head over to Vault and check it out.

We are celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary on Friday, October 11th  from noon-1:00am.  We’re throwing a big party and recognizing the milestones we’ve hit since we’ve been open.  Since Oct 11th of last year, we have accomplished:

–          Significantly expanding our menu beyond just pizzas

–          Adding an outdoor seating area

–          Bottling our beers for the first time ever (bottles will be released on Oct 11th)

–          Becoming the first and only US brewery to use Australian whole flower hops for our “Aussie IPA” series (thanks to our sister brewery in Melbourne, AU)

–          Working with the community and fellow businesses to establish Yardley’s first “Discover Yardley” and “Yardley Restaurant Week” events (both involved contributions to charities)

–          Playing a significant role in the recent “renaissance” of Yardley and helping the town become more of a “destination” worth seeking out

–          Being mentioned on the front page of the Wall Street Journal about cool businesses that converted banks to other uses

–          Brewing 69 batches, composed of 40 different styles of beer. That’s over 20,000 gallons of beer!


To celebrate, we will be giving away free 1-year anniversary Vault glasses (filled with a beer sample too) for anyone that asks.


In addition, we’ll have the following:

– We are releasing over 1000 bottles of Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout. Limited to four 22oz bottles per person (drink two, age two!)

– We are releasing 180 bottles of Aussie Double IPA (limit 1 per person)

– A stellar tap list that including some special one-night-only beers:

– Russian Imperial Stout (nitro)

– Russian Imperial Stout w/ Maple & Coffee (handpump)

– Russian Imperial Stout w/ Chocolate & Vanilla (handpump)

– Aussie Double IPA (Debut Release!)

– Sweet Potato Ale #004

– Chinook IPA

– Belgian Blonde

– and more


Entry is free. We want folks to show up, drink some good beer, and help us celebrate the occasion!


Thanks for your interest in Vault.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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