Victory at Joe Canals West Deptford

Our friend Steve from Victory sent this over! Mark your calendars!


joe canals west deptford


Hey Victory fans, do we have a doozy in store for you!!  What better way could there be to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner than to stock up on growlers of super-rare draft beer from Victory Brewing Co.?  Jay Rose of Joe Canal’s West Deptford is a known beer hoarder, and he’s opening up the vault for you at this Epic Tap Takeover!!!  Check out this lineup:

2010 OLD HORIZONTAL BARLEYWINE:  Old Horizontal has been hibernating until we build our new brewery, this is one of very few kegs still in existence!  After 2 years of aging, Old Ho mellows a bit, but is still bursting with those juicy, fruity, malty flavors you love.

HARVEST PILS:  Hopped with super-fresh hops from the NY state hopfields!

VICTORY VILLAGE:  English-style brown ale brewed with One Village Coffee, it’s super-smooth and you’ll wonder where the coffee ends and the beer begins!

MOONGLOW WEIZENBOCK:  draft-only this year, this is one of your only chances to score this awesome wheat doppelbock.  It’s like drinking banana bread with a touch of cocoa.

UK IPA:  Intensely herbal hop aroma with a slight hint of fresh cut applies greets you with your first sip.  Mildly sweet with a slightly bitter, dry finish, this IPA fits the profile of the English version of the typically hoppy style.  Using all-English hops and English yeast, our version is reminiscent of that classic English IPA style.

We’ll also be pouring some of our best-loved standards on their own and in combinations that will make your head spin:

HOPDEVIL IPA:  try mixing this with Storm King Stout to make DARKDEVIL!

GOLDEN MONKEY:  mix with Storm King to make SILVERBACK or with Moonglow Weizenbock to make MONKEY ON THE MOON!

STORM KING STOUT:  with a huge Pacific Northwest hop aroma & character up front, Storm King subsides into massive roasted malt complexity.  Rich and substantial, it will warm your heart.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to load up on some awesome brews for Thanksgiving and beyond!  Insider tip: bring extra growlers!

Canal’s West Deptford is located at 1075 Mantua Pike in Woodbury. To keep up to date with their beer list, click over to

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