Vote YES on A-2196

NJ breweries & brewpubs need OUR HELP!

On Thursday, April 12, the New Jersey General Assembly is scheduled to vote on a bill very important to New Jersey’s breweries. Assembly Bill 2196 (A-2196) would eliminate the mandatory tour breweries must provide every customer.

It would also cut down on the everyday paperwork each small brewery must file to sell their beer in New Jersey. This bill would allow breweries to concentrate on bringing you more award-winning beer rather than the hassles associated with redundant red tape and the current mandatory brewery tour.

Call or email your local Assembly members NOW to express your support for Assembly Bill 2196 which is scheduled to be voted on in the New Jersey General Assembly on Thursday, April 12th.

Here’s where to find who your local Assembly members are and how to contact them.

Ask your local Assembly members to VOTE YES on the legislation.

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