Weekend Specials and tap list at The Ship Inn

the ship inn

Just posted, as of June 10,

Golden Wheat, Muddy Waters Brown, Best Bitter, ESB, Killer Bee are all on tap and coming next week, Celebration Ale (lightened a tad for summer)

Food specials include the below.

Flat Bread
Baked flat bread with chopped clams, bruschetta and goat cheese~$7.95
Drunken Mussels
Ale steamed fresh PEI mussels with sweet butter and Dijon mustard~$6.95
Chicken and Asparagus Quesadilla
Braised diced chicken with asparagus, salsa and melted cheddar inn an herb tortilla shell ~$7.95
Pork Rillettes
Slow- cooked confit of local shredded pork with and sweet red onion rings ~$5.95

Chicken and Broccoli Rabe
Sauteed chicken with broccoli rabe with garlic and olive over whole-wheat linguine ~ $15.95
Today’s Catch
Grilled, fresh, wild- caught Panama King Klip fillet with herb butter and sweet potato fries ~$20.95
Wahoo Salad
Grilled, sliced Pacific Wahoo with crumbled crumbled local bacon over mixed greens served
with Vidalia vinaigrette ~$14.95
Lamb Shepherds Pie
Local ground lamb with roasted onions,carrots and peas topped with melted Swiss cheese ~$14.95
Chesapeake Sirloin
Pan flashed, Cajun pepper seasoned local delmonico steak with crab cake and melted Gouda~$17.95
Vegetarian Selection
Vegan zucchini and carrot patties with mango salsa, rice and salad garnish ~$12.95

Raspberry and Strawberry cheesecake
Peanut butter Pie
Vanilla confetti cake
Tropical fruit and nut bread pudding
Key lime pie
German chocolate cake

The Ship Inn is located at 61 Bridge Street in Milford.

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