Wet Ticket Brewery Jersey Showcase at The Beer Spot

Fort Lee: Wet Ticket Brewery Jersey Showcase is happening at The Beer Spot & Grill

Joe from The Beer Spot & Grill said on Thursday, April 19 from 12:00 pm to 02:00 am

Every other Thursday we will be showcasing a brewery from NJ w/ 8-10 beers.

The Story Behind The Name

“Wet Ticket,” refers to the individuals who ran for office during the 1930’s with the intent to repeal prohibition. Thankfully, the people spoke, and once elected, the Wet Party candidates went on to help repeal Prohibition. This “for-the-people attitude” will be carried through in everything we do. Our Mission will not only be to create great beers, but to make the brewery itself a destination for all those

seeking to celebrate, learn about, and become a part of the craft beer movement.

Tap list:
1) Trolley Hopper NEIPA
2) Pecan Porter
3) Imperial Oatmeal Stout
4) Rahway Pale Ale
5) One Way Ticket (single hop Mosaic NEIPA)
6) Bipartisan Blonde Ale
7) Kolsch
8) Spanktown IPA

Stop by for a beer or two.

More information can be found at at this link.

NJCB Members save 10% off the bill.

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