Weyerbacher dinner at 90 Acres


Wednesday, March 21, 6:30PM meet and greet followed by dinner starts at 7PM at 90 Acres, 2 Main Street, Peapack-Gladstone.

The four course meal costs $125 (RSVP: 908.901.4701)


Verboten 5.9%
Mussels and Fries
Steamed PEI Mussels with chorizo, kale and Natirar garlic with pork fat fries & smoked paprika aioli

Merry Monks’ 9.3%
Crispy Mahi-Mahi, toasted corn tortillas, avocado crema, winter salw & guajillo/passila puree

Double Simcoe IPA 9%
Braised Griggstown Chicken in green curry, jasmine rice, cauliflower, toasted coconut & seasame

Blithering Idiot (insanity) 11.1%
Dark Chocolate and Smoked Blue Cheese tasting

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