Weyerbacher at Uno Deptford

Unos Maple Shade

Chuck from Uno in Deptford sent us this Weyerbacher event over.

We are having a Tap take over on 03/20/2014 with Weyerbacher  brewing.

On draft

Last chance ipa   5.9%

tango -belgian dark ale 10.6%

merry monks- tripel  9.3%

heresy russin imperial stout- 8.00%

quad- quadrupel    11.8%

insanity- english barley, oaked aged blithering idiot   11.10%

blithering idiot- english barley    11.10%

tiny firkin-  tiny infused with coffe    11.8%


Uno is located at 1162 Hurffville Road, Deptford  Here’s a link to their site. NJCB Members get their Happy Hour specials ALL DAY LONG in the bar area! Enjoy that, you know you will!

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