Wild Air Beerworks Grand Opening

Asbury Park: Wild Air Beerworks is opening up this weekend. Here’s what we know.

Wild Air Beeworks will be opening its doors this weekend in Asbury Park. We’ll be open Saturday, September 3 (Noon-10pm) and Sunday, September 4 (Noon-8pm) and CLOSED on Labor Day. We’ll have 10 beers on tap with the focus being on lagers and mixed fermentation / wild ales. We’ll have crowlers available for to-go options.

Wild Air Beerworks is an alliance of veteran beermakers whose passion for classically executed continental lager styles and mixed fermentation creations go beyond the bounds of reason. Wild Air will honor these traditional styles and offer subtle twists that blur the lines at times. We’re excited to join the NJ brewing community with these unique offerings.

Wild Air is located at 801 2nd Avenue, Asbury Park.

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