WIN tickets to the International Great Beer Festival here!

international great beer fest

We’re running another contest with the guys over at Starfish Junction who are putting this festival on.  Here’s what you need to do to win the pair of tickets to Session II: 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm (doors open at 5:00 pm).

Leave a comment below stating what brewery you are most excited about being at the festival.  The list can be found online and is being updated often.  Please be sure to have a way of contacting you through email or Twitter.

Bonus points to those who follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and extra bonus points if you stop by our table during the event where we may have some goodies to giveaway and will be selling NJCB Membership Club Cards for a special price during the event ONLY.

Lastly, if you are an NJCB Member, it’s even better for you!  You’ll have a chance to win tickets to the event.  Stay tuned to your email.

The comments will close on Friday and the winner is the 6th comment, Daryl!  Thanks for playing!

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37 thoughts on “WIN tickets to the International Great Beer Festival here!”

  1. I can't wait to visit 21st Amendment! Ever since I visited their location in San Fran I've been a huge fan. I love their art style. Hell or High Watermelon, and Brew Free or Die are some of my favorite brews. Thank God Super Saver in Somerville, NJ always has a supply.

  2. looking forward to seeing Firestone Walker's lineup! Hopefully this post helps me live the dream.


  3. There are so many outstanding breweries coming. If I had to choose just one it would have to Leinenkugel, the makers of one of my favorite beers: Sunset Wheat.

  4. PBR! Just kidding. Really a hard decision – I missed Firestone Walker last year (gone before session 2), Ithaca fresh flower power is amazing, guy from Victory was barely standing by 9:00 but still very cool. I’m going to go with Firestone Walker and hope they bring something special.

    Ps – I’ll get my njcb membership too. Yeah!

  5. I am most excited for unibroue. They never disappoint, and they haven’t made a beer I don’t like.

  6. As a huge cider fan, I would love to try the different companies that offer, other than Magners (already know I love it), specifically Blackthorn Cider.

  7. All of them! Last year I attended but was a designated driver so I couldn't taste any of the beers. If I had to pick one, I'd select Southampton Ale & Lagers.

  8. I'm most excited about Allagash Brewery…recently tried their triple golden ale and it was amazing! I'm also looking forward to the local NJ brewery, Cricket Hill….

  9. i always love a good unibroue thought id love to say tommyknocker (still need to get more familiar with them) AND Wells & Young's Brewing Co. since i missed out on them last year

  10. We are planning a family/friends ("the more the merrier") trip to Ireland next year, so I'd love to check out Magners – although, I'm not a cider officianado, I'd like to sample what they have and see if I can't be swayed… Hubby's looking forward to TommyKnocker, since their brews usually Knock his Tommy's off! LOL

  11. Unibroue was at the first Philly Craft Beer fest, and they brought a vertical of their anniversary beers. I think I sampled five different years in a row, and noted how aging changes the flavors (flavours). They probably won’t make that mistake again, but it is the fondest memory of any beer event I’ve been to and I’ve been loyal to them since.

  12. Can not wait to see Long Trail. One of the best craft breweries that always give back to the community, especially after all the hardships last year (the flood). They deserve the support and we always look forward to visiting them.

  13. NJCB member, twitter and facespace since the launch party coppermine! Looking forward to a lot of brewers that weren’t there in the fall but especially excited about the reserve series tappings from Cricket Hill.

  14. Def can't wait to meet some of the folks from 21st Amendment. Every beer they make is solid, esp Monks blood/fireside chat/ and the awesome allies win the war!. They're creative and dedicated, and not too flashy.

  15. Asahi by far. I am currently trying to develop do Eastern Asian inspired brew recipes for ChoLon Bistro in Denver and could learn a lot from what these guys have to offer.

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