Yards Brewery Beer Dinner

yards brewing company

Yards Brewery Beer Dinner is happening on April 7 from 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

Steve from Hyatt Morristown said that

This is our 3rd beer dinner series at the Hyatt Morristown. We are exploring opportunities to partner up with great brewing companies to educate guests about making the beer and what is the difference between beers. This is also a great chance for the restaurant to showcase an amazing meal prepared by our Chef Jeff Powell. This will be a four course beer pairing menu. We will have our culinary team come out to talk to the about the food and why they chose to prepare it with the certain beer. We will also have a representative from the brewery to talk about the beer that we will be serving.

10% off the dinner for any member of the NJCB club.

More information and the menu can be found in this PDF!

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