Yard’s tasting at Gary’s in Bernardsville

garys wine and marketplace

Check this out from our friends at Gary’s!

Yards Brewing Company representative, Ron Johnson will be joining us at our Bernardsville store Thursday, January 12th from 5-7PM. A selection of these tasty Philadelphia brews will be offered for sampling.

Yards Extra Special Ale: Crafted from the finest ingredients, Extra Special Ale is a robust and hearty amber ale.

Yards India Pale Ale: This crisp IPA pours golden in color with a full head and has a sweet, citrus flavor that is full of malt.

Yards Brawler: Ruby brown in color, this beer delivers malty aromas of bread, fruit and caramel with its taste mirroring its scents.

Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale: Brewed with pilsner malt, this ale is crisp and hoppy bursting with citrus flavors and aromas.

Check them out online at Gary’s Wine & Marketplace. and remember, NJCB Membership Club Cardholders save! $1 off the Gary’s 6 Pack of the Month.

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