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Zinburger is Clifton is NOW open for business. Zinburger is a new(ish) burger chain known to pair wine up with hamburgers but they offer a selection of craft beer as well. Jason, the food blogger who runs Off The Broiler, got an inside glimpse. Check it out here. The thing that caught my eye was the selection of craft beer BUT the problem was the menu was the corporate generic menu’s had some beers listed that are not available here in Jersey.  I read an article from our friend John Holl from New Jersey Newsroom where he said “the likes of Blue Moon, Magic Hat #9 and traditional if not tired offerings like Bud Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon” are available.  Check out Off The Broiler’s article and great food porn pictures.

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1 thought on “Zinburger in Clifton”

  1. I ate there last night for the first time. Since this is a beer site, I'll address that first: I agree with John Holl. I don't know what it is with venues in this area, but it seems unless it's a "Craft Beer Bar" places don't have a decent selection of beer. Why do you need Coors Light AND Bud Light when you have PBR? This seemed like the perfect place for an awesome selection of hand-picked craft brews, but sadly that's not the case – Except for the #9 it's the same as every establishment in NJ. Would have loved to have seen some NJ Beer Co or Cricket Hill selections – both breweries are within a :30 minute drive of the restaurant.

    As for the food? Terrible. I've never had such a greasy burger in my life. Ordered medium-rare, came out to the table practically still cold. When they brought it back, there was no pink whatsoever. Fail. Wife and I ordered the same thing, hers was Medium, and appeared to be a little more rare than Medium-Rare. But they didn't distinguish which was which, we had to cut in to see. But aside from the grease, the salty flavor was overwhelming. Fries were decent though.

    Seems like an excellent concept, but we won't be returning unless there's something to compel us (like a better beer selection).

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