2021 njcb membership club information

Follow along here for information about the 2021 NJCB Membership Club printing and mailing schedule.

The automatic Subscription renewal for the 2021 Membership Club will be processed on November 15 starting at 12:01am.

New 2021 SubscriptionsSpouse Memberships and 2021 Gift Memberships will be available starting on November 23.

Membership printing dates are at the bottom of this article. We will be printing Memberships in order of renewal. Your 2021 Membership should be printed and mailed to you for the start of 2021.

In the last 10 years of the NJCB, we’ve learned a few things. Please read the below information.

  • We can not control how the USPS delivers mail. We will be printing and shipping 2021 Memberships starting November 20. The goal is to mail them to you to use starting January 1.
  • All Memberships come in a plain white window envelope with a yellow address label with first class postage. It’s NOT junk. Take a look at the the return address to verify.
  • If you think it got lost in the mail, please contact with us 14 days after the Monday after your receipt email states it was shipped.
  • 2021 Members will not be emailed until at least January 1, 2021.
  • We have more information on the Subscriptions and 2021 Gift Memberships store listing.
  • Need to update your account information, click over to your account for credit card, address, name updates, etc.
  • We do not see when you reply to our Beermails, please email us through our Contact page if you have questions.

We will start to ship Memberships on November 20 and repeat daily until January. After January, we will print & ship every Wednesday thereafter unless otherwise stated on Facebook and our calendar starting in January.

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