Garden State Craft Brewers Guild Battleship Festival 2014

Garden State Brewers Festival Battleship

Every year the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild organizes their Battleship Festival and this year it’s June 28. The details are in the flyer below and order tickets from here. Come hang out with a bunch of Regional Reps from Team NJCB and try what makes NJ a great state. Plus, you’re on a boat.

Garden State Craft Brewers Guild Battleship Beer Fest is TODAY!

Battleship NJ beer fest

The 15th annual Battleship Beer fest is scheduled for June 18 from 1-5PM at The Battleship New Jersey in Camden.  Tickets are $45 (must be 21 or older). Sample great craft beer, enjoy good food and hang out on the deck of the Battleship New Jersey!  Tickets are available now through TicketWeb. The beers being poured […]

Local Cheese, Honey, Bread, and Beer Event at The Ship Inn is tonight!

On March 23,  7PM, Bea and Jean Claude Tassot of Tassot Apiaries, and Jonathan and Nina White of Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse for our second mini agricultural fair.  Sample the local foodstuffs (local grass feeds local cows which make local cheese, local flowers feed local bees for local honey) and our stellar batch of Killer […]

TONIGHT at the Ship Inn, a beer, honey, and cheese event.

the ship inn

Starting at 7 PM. Join The Ship Inn for a beer, honey, and cheese tasting event featuring local cheese from Bobolink and our new ESB called Killer Bee. This warming, complex pale ale is made with local honey from Jean-Claude and Bea Tassot of Tassot Apiary on Rick Road.  Come down, buy a pint, and enjoy some […]